"BIGBANG is a heart.
It dies if it stops beating."
--- 이승현 VIP ♛

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Tablo alone at the amusement park

Song: YG's Bad Boy Project 2012
Artist: CCStorm


Tablo: “How I’ve been”


Tablo: “How I’ve been”

Tablo, Ladies and Gentlemen. 

Tablo, Ladies and Gentlemen. 

Tablo and Hyejung Wedding Photos

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Kang Hye Jung Drove Herself to the Hospital During Labor?

On March 5, Kang Hye Jung appeared as a guest on SBS’ Incarnation, where she shared an event that happened while giving birth. 

She shared that she went into labor while eating pork belly, which she heard was good for giving child birth. Because Epik High’s Tablo didn’t have a driver’s license, Kang Hye Jung said she had no choice but to take the wheel as Tablo sat in the passenger’s seat, surprising everyone in the studio. 

“As I was driving, the contractions slowly started coming in and out,” said Kang Hye Jung, as she explained the drive to the hospital. Panicking, Tablo kept apologizing and asking if she was really all right, to which Kang Hye Jung told him to sit still and be quiet. 

When they reached the hospital, Kang Hye Jung confessed to acting like she was in terrible pain so that the doctors would give her an epidural. “It hurt so much.”

Although she knew it would be better for her daughter without the epidural, Kang Hye Jung hilariously replied, “At the time, I thought I needed to live first.”

Source & Translated by: enewsworld